Trivia Crack vs. Knowledge Trainer

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Do you know what’s more addictive than crack? Trivia. That’s why I have not been able to stop playing the smart phone app Trivia Crack. This game is currently number 10 on Amazon’s bestsellers list for free apps, and I believe its popularity stems from a player’s ability to interact with friends and the game itself. Other trivia games such as Knowledge Trainer have more unique and challenging questions, but does not have the same level of interaction that players can have with Trivia Crack. Both these games serve their purpose to challenge a player’s knowledge, but I think these games attract different audiences based on the way these games function.

In Trivia Crack, the point is to obtain six characters that represent categories such as entertainment, art, sports, history, science and geography. You want to win them all before your competitor does. A wheel decorated with the characters randomly selects which category you will answer a question in. You have to answer three questions correctly in a row to have a chance to win a character. You may also be able to win a category if the wheel lands on the crown symbol, or you can challenge your competitor and make them lose a character.

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Knowledge Trainer has you go through lessons consisting of ten questions each. It has categories such as sports, arts & letters, science, geography, music, film and history, but it also includes a miscellaneous, technology and social science category. It rates your performance after answering each question and shows how many you got right at the end of each lesson. If you answer a question correctly the next question will be on a higher difficulty, but if you give a wrong answer the difficulty will go down.

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Trivia Crack is the preferred gaming choice for younger people because of how interactive it is. First, it is a game where you can compete against friends. I have kept playing it with my friends since I downloaded it and I have friends asking for people to challenge them on Facebook. People are addicted to this game. Second, you not only get to answer trivia questions, but you also get to make the questions. On the phone app version only, you can go to the Question Factory and submit your own trivia questions. Whether it is approved or rejected depends on the approval rating from other players.

Knowledge Trainer is good for people who want to answer more challenging trivia questions.  Playing Trivia Crack I have seen some questions repeated more than a few times. Since it is a large community submitting questions there is probably not enough unique trivia being generated. Since Knowledge Trainer is not as socially interactive as Trivia Crack is I think it is meant for an older audience who do not connect their social media with their gaming apps. Comparing  them visually you see that Trivia Crack has a much more colorful and playful design, whereas Knowledge Trainer is more neutral and tame.

Knowledge Trainer is definitely trying to challenge the player’s knowledge base, but the suitable player for it is someone older and who just wants to play the app by itself instead of with friends. Trivia Crack is the perfect teenage-young adult trivia game. The difficulty of the questions can range from easy to hard depending on the writer, but I would say players generally have a better chance at knowing the answers in Trivia Crack than in Knowledge Trainer.

If you have a lot of friends on social media you can challenge them to Trivia Crack, but if your still getting used to having a Facebook and a smartphone then I would suggest trying Knowledge Trainer first before Trivia Crack.

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